10 Amazing Hand Painted Nail Art Designs


We women deserve to be pampered. So do our nails! What better way to pamper our nails then to decorate them with nail art?

Most of us girls like to sport easy to do floral designs on the nails. When the topic of hand painting comes, floral patterns are some of the most common designs that you will see on nails. Floral designs are not difficult to draw and can be sported everyday as well as during special occasions. So let us see how we can draw a sparkling floral design!

Lets look at amazing hand painted nail art ideas in this tutorial:

Things Required:

  • Basecoat (optional)
  • White nail polish
  • A pink nail polish of your choice
  • A magenta nail polish
  • A silver nail polish
  • A sponge
  • Acrylic paints in white, purple, black and blue
  • A glitter polish
  • A transparent top coat

Step 1:


Utilize a base coat to shield your nails from the acrylic hues and chipping. Presently utilize a layer of white nail clean. This will make the base more dark. Base coat gives additional quality to your nails. In this way, if your nails are inclined to chipping or breaking, you ought to never pass up a great opportunity for a decent quality base coat.

Step 2:


When the white nail polish is dried, use one or two coats of pink nail polish. Let it dry completely before moving on to next step.

Step 3:


After the pink nail clean has dried legitimately, take fuchsia nail clean on a palette. Utilize the bit of wipe to wipe up the maroon nail clean everywhere throughout the tip, expanding a bit towards the focal point of the nail. It should look something like Ombre nail. Presently let it sit for around 2 minutes. Presently take the silver nail clean on a palette and utilize a crisp bit of wipe to wipe up the silver everywhere throughout the nails. It should look something like the photo beneath. On the off chance that there is any stray nail clean, tidy it up with a bit of cotton bud plunged in clean remover.

Step 4:


Presently take sparkle clean and give a decent layer of sparkle everywhere throughout the nails. Let this dry totally before proceeding onward to painting your nails. Once the nails are prepared to be painted, take white nail clean on a palette and your thin nail workmanship brush. Utilize this to draw up blooms like I have demonstrated as follows. Paint up the boundaries of the petals. It should look something like the photo underneath.

Step 5:


Presently take dark acrylic paint on a palette and your thin nail workmanship brush. Utilize this to make a few branches with buds on the modest finger and some more branches on the unfilled spaces of alternate fingers. Utilize this to give plot for the blooms and the petals. Allude the photo beneath for greater clearness.

Step 6:


Now give a few inner demarcations for the flowers at their centre. Use purple and blue color for this. It’s simple really! Take a look at the picture below and you’ll understand what you need to do better.

Step 7:


Step 8:


Some Beautiful Hand Painted Nail Art Designs:


To every one of the individuals who feel that nail workmanship is implied just for long nails, this brilliant panther print demonstrates them off-base. You can utilize differed shades and mixes for this out of control outline. Neon shades likewise search useful for this print.


A decent redirection from the conventional French manicured nails! For young ladies who jump at the chance to flaunt the length of their nails, this glittery nail craftsmanship is the correct decision. It is anything but difficult to do and the main thing you must be cautious about is the base shading. It ought not be too light.


This multicolored nail art looks very trendy, but is a tedious task to design. The choice of colors is muted but the overall look is awesome. Moreover, this nail art is better suited for long nails.


At the point when computerized print and neon hues are in, for what reason not be somewhat imaginative with the nails as well? The hues utilized for this nail workmanship are totally popular and out of control. Try to flawlessly brush the hues and consolidate them to give a brilliant look. Utilizing an excessive number of splendid hues can likewise be a fiasco.


The splendid botanical workmanship on a dark base is an astounding mix. Dark is one such shading that can feature both, the print and its hues. Also, the best part is it never turns out badly. Indeed, even the dull shades turn out well on a sparkling dark base. This hand painted bloom nail workmanship without a doubt placates everybody!


Shades of a peacock plume influence the nail workmanship to look energetic and it compliments any outfit and shading. You can likewise utilize distinctive blends rather than the customary peacock hues on the quill for the additional dramatization.


The uniform checkered print looks charming on the little nails. Utilization of pink and related shades gives it a girly and sensitive look to the hands. Different shading mixes can be utilized to try the shading mix. Ensure you utilize the correct shades to keep this plan transform into a calamity.


Polka specks, stripes and greenery prints are admirably used to influence the nails to look alluring. The blend of the hues is exceptionally energetic. This is anything but difficult to do and does not take much time. It is an out of control craftsmanship that should be possible when you need another search for a gathering.


This jeweled nail workmanship is extremely in vogue and savvy. The main measure is that it should be possible on wide nails; documented in a square shape is an additional advantage. It is a decent method to flaunt the supposed “space” on your nails.10

Free hand nail craftsmanship isn’t’s some tea. Finished with a great deal of artfulness and dynamic mix of hues, the general look is extremely engaging.

Have these hand painted nail craftsmanship plans overpowered you? A tad of inventiveness can make special outlines on your nail! Do share your criticism if any in the remark area beneath. You can likewise check diverse classes of nail expressions to suit your need. Simply download the android application for nail workmanship classes and experiment with the different plans.



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