15 days magical remedy to remove black dark spots & acne scars from face



This is a magical remedy to get rid of black dark spots & acne scars from face. It doesn’t have any side effects as Natural ingredients are used it.

You do not need to prepare this remedy daily, prepare it once and store it for at least 1 week.

Ingredients required:

Potato juice (Take one potato, grind it and currently filter this pulp to get rid of its juice)
Lemon juice
Aloe vera gel

Method to prepare:

1.Take two tablespoons of this juice in a bowl
2.Add one tablespoon of juice to this
3.Add two spoons of burn plant gel
4.Mix it well and store this in airtight jar

Use this mixture daily on your face before planning to bed. Massage it well. Leave for twenty minutes then wash your face with plain water.

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