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Hello Friends How Are you All? Today I am Going to Share a Very Good Product from Nuskin With you all.If you Love Your Teeth and Wants them to always Shine and remain, White, Then You should Start Caring them With Nuskin Ap 24 Whitening Flouride Toothpaste.

AP-24 Whitening Flouride Toothpaste :

AP-24® Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste lightens teeth without peroxide while preventing cavities and plaque formation. This gentle, vanilla mint formula freshens helps in a sweet breath and provides a clean, just-brushed feeling that lasts the whole day.

 Brightens and whitens teeth.

Ap-24 toothpaste Helps in removing nasty stains.
It Helps in removing and preventing plaque buildup to Teeth.
Mostly This God Gift Helps in the prevention of dental cavities.
Provides a long-lasting smooth, clean, and fresh feel And also helps in reducing gum swelling.


Features of AP-24, and ingredients
This Toothpaste comes in Refreshing, trademark vanilla mint flavor with Thick, creamy, rich formula.
It Has No harmful peroxides or effects on Weak or Dead Teeth .
Ap-24 whitening Flouride toothpaste Helps in gaining Strength to Internal teeth roots and gums.
Sodium Monofluorophosphate 0.76% (0.13% w/v Fluoride Ion)
Other Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Hydrated Silica, Sorbitol, Alumina, Glycerin, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, PEG-12, Dimethicone*, Poloxamer 338*, Poloxamer 407*, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Flavor (Aroma), Sodium Saccharin, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891).
If you are purchasing teeth whitening toothpaste it is very necessary to have realistic expectations tests about the kind of results that you can typically get from the-counter toothpaste. In order to appreciate the limitations of toothpaste,
It is also helpful to understand what causes teeth discoloration and what options are the ways to lighten and brighten your smile and increase your teeth power.
There are a number of reasons why teeth become discolored or stained –
Eating Habits – Eating and drinking highly pigmented foods regularly is one of the major causes of teeth discoloration. Children’s mostly Eat chocolates and drink Soft drinks. It can be the major reason for discoloration too.
Age Factor – It is common for teeth to become more yellow as we get older.It is a Natural Reason For Discoloration.
Smoking or Drinking Alcohol – Regularly inhaling cigarette or cigar smoke is one of the fastest ways to waken and discolor teeth. Initially, nicotine will only stain the outer surface, but over time the discoloration will spread to the internal matrix of the teeth. Thrnyiu may Face Tremendous Pain in Teeth.

Whitening your teeth can be a very complicated and what works for one person will not necessarily or not work for someone else. Teeth can be discolored for many different reasons and it is important to understand that there are very fewer limitations as to what can be achieved with certain whitening products for your teets. The type of discoloration dedicates whether a product like AP-24 Whitening Fluoride toothpaste will have any positive effects on your teeth or not …
For Example, if you are born with yellowish Teeth or you have any teeth disease then Ap-24 can’t help you in that.
  1. This paste works If you regularly consume food and that are likely to stain your teeth then AP24 would be a good option for you. By using This Marvelous Pate abrasive to gently scrub away stains, AP24 can potentially return your teeth to their original color in Very fewer Days. The other advantage of this toothpaste is that the patented AP24 formula is designed to make it more difficult for food particles to stick to the teeth making staining less likely. The cells release in Your mouth helps to Fight against Germs and Enemy Cells and They Work as Natural Vaccine.
  2. If you daily Smoke Cigarettes Then this Flourish Toothpaste will help you alot . It Has good effects on The Nicotine stains.
  3. If you need to whiten and need more shine than natural white then this is not for you it only works in providing basic shine and lightening. For more you can visit expert dental clinic or use other high effective toothpaste.

PRICE OF AP24 Toothpaste & How to Buy :

The Price Of ap-24 Flouride Toothpaste Costs Around 25 to 30 USD $. You can purchase it From Amazon.in or from Medical Store if it is Available but I suggest you buy it from Amazon.
The Price is Little bit Higher but You will get from Nuskin is a premium designer style toothpaste that has become a popular choice for people wanting whiter their teeth. It retails at about £12 in the UK and $30 in the US making it considerably more expensive than your average toothpaste. 


Generally, surveys Show that more than 50 % people are concerned with the color of teeth and they want to whiten and Clean teeth. Professional Whitening Teeth treatments are way expensive then as compared to this special toothpaste so Ap-24 Is a good choice forThe AP-24 toothpaste from Nuskin is a premium designer style toothpaste that has become a popular choice for people wanting whiter teeth. It retails at about £11 in the UK and $10 in the US making it considerably more expensive than your average toothpaste. your teeth. Many People have tested this toothpaste and more than 90% of them Found its great.
Guys try this Awesome Product And Feel the results you.

HERE ARE Reviews of Some people for Ap24 Toothpaste

STEPHEN : I used it for about a month, although I haven’t used it for about 2 or 3 weeks now. it has a really good flavour, that’s the first thing you notice, it’s very pleasant to use. It does make your teeth feel a lot cleaner and it does give your teeth kind of a shine which I find really nice. It makes me Feel tremendous and CLEAN on Every Morning. You guys Should Try this .
ANKUR : First think i would say is that Its bit overpriced but As by its build quality and Performance i have no doubts its a worth product .WHEN YOU use it , immediately you will get good results So you have no issues with using it i can feel any rache, itching or anything in my Teeths.
JOHNATHAN : It is quite considerably more expensive than a regular toothpaste. As far as whitening kinds of toothpaste go, this has been the most successful, it’s certainly the nicest flavor, it’s certainly the most pleasant to use out of all the toothpaste I have tried. But I don’t know whether that means the price is justified. Because of that, I don’t think I would personally buy it myself, spending that kind of money on toothpaste is not what I do. I’m sure a lot other people would and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it giving it a go, I’m sure it would work on your teeth, it will give your teeth a nice shiny look.



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