Awesome Sources for Your First (or Next!) Tattoo Inspo


Regardless of whether you have a semicolon, a fragile bloom or a reverence to somebody vital to you, tattoos are an unfathomable method to demonstrate the world your own style. With every one of those beautiful plans out there, we know it very well may be difficult to discover the tattoo that is ideal for you. Without a doubt, Pinterest is a tattoo hotspot, however we have 18 more sources to give you the ink inspo to suit your story and style.

Tattoo Artists

Much like us, tattoo craftsmen keep up dynamic online existences. In the event that you unearth a craftsman you extremely like, make certain to investigate their online networking represents their best work, alongside posts from craftsmen they respect and work with.


Sasha Unisex: Seriously, we can’t get over how stunning her function is. We’ve expounded on geometric tattoos previously, yet it can’t be said enough: Her tattoos are brilliant, bright and outstandingly all around composed.


Alice Carrier: This prominent Portland craftsman is known for her blackwork and botanical tattoos. In case you’re searching for a craftsman whose whole portfolio is effortlessly accessible on the web, Carrier might be your new fave.


Blast Bang: Celebrity tattoo craftsman Bang has over a million Instagram takes after and is notable for smooth lines and interesting plans. In case you’re in (or close) New York City, you should look at Bang’s work of art.


Dr. Charm: This craftsman has inked a considerable lot of our most loved famous people. The Dr. is adored for geometric examples, moderation and a to a great degree solid group of specialists. Regardless of whether you don’t get Dr. Charm, you’ll locate a super-capable craftsman in the New York City-based shop.

legs tattos

Becca Genné-Bacon: Becca takes exemplary hues and lines and gives them an amazing, current turn. Book darlings, pet sweethearts and tattoo appreciators alike will discover something to adore about her work.


Cally-Jo: Cally-Jo works in Manhattan, New York City, at Grit and Glory tattoo shop. Cally-Jo’s solid portfolio and foundation in expressive arts will abandon you certain about her range of abilities.

Big names

That’s right, celebs are real enthusiasts of tattoos. Take after along on their Instas to find where they completed their work of art and which styles shout to you. Inked celebs can fill in as great cases for tattoo situation as well. In case you’re anticipating getting numerous tattoos, it’s in every case best to design ahead of time, so you don’t go for that wrist tattoo and after that acknowledge you need something different there a year later.


Jourdan Dunn: A demonstration of the developing festival of tattoos in the magnificence business, supermodel Jourdan Dunn’s eight tattoos don’t shield her from booking gigs.

rihanna tattoos1

Rihanna: Rihanna, the unrivaled awful lady, is gradually getting to be shrouded in gems. With more than 20 tattoos, she’s an awesome celeb to stay aware of for tattoo motivation.

hand tattos

Cara Delevingne: When she’s not hanging with TSwift’s #squad, Cara Delevingne is unquestionably a standard on the tattoo scene. She even has a coordinating tattoo with Jourdan Dunn!


Zoe Kravitz: Lolawolf vocalist and hotshot little girl of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet has a varied gathering of little, unobtrusive tattoos.


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