Brad Pitt Claps Back At Angelina Jolie: I’ve Given You Millions Of Dollars Since Split


Brad Pitt is hitting back hard at Angelina Jolie’s allegations that he hasn’t paid a dime in youngster bolster for their six children. Another report guarantees he’s given her millions and can demonstrate it!

Refresh: Brad attorneys, in new authoritative reports acquired by TMZ, question the cases that he hasn’t made good any cash in “significant tyke bolster.” Brad’s legitimate group say that he credited Angelina $8 million so she could purchase the home in which she presently lives. The reports likewise guarantee that he paid more than $1.3 million in tyke bolster.

Brad’s legitimate group likewise calls shade on Angelina’s attorneys and their archives, documented prior in the week, which asked the judge directing the case to concede a fast separation. Brad’s legal advisors say it was THEY who initially called Angie’s group a week ago to request a brisk separation, with the goal that they could work out the youngster support and property settlement points of interest at a later date. The records blame Angelina for documenting papers with the court that are “computed to build the contention” over this fight in court.


Unique: It’s on! Another report asserts that is Brad Pitt, 54, can demonstrate definitely that. Angelina Jolie’s, 43, made a stunning cases in court papers recorded on Aug. 7 that he hasn’t paid any tyke bolster towards their six kids in finished eighteen months is totally false. Truth be told, Brad demands he’s given Angie “way, far more than the sum he consented to pay … we’re told the aggregate is in the a great many dollars,” as indicated by a source that addressed TMZ. Their source called Angelina’s killjoy father charges a “joke” and that evidence will surface that Brad has been paying her and that her allegations generally are absolutely false.

A source near the star tells EXCLUSIVELY that Brad has done everything to satisfy his commitments to his children, yet that Angie continues changing the tenets. “This entire separation show is simply debilitating for Brad … it’s ceaseless. Now, Brad’s become acclimated to Angelina’s recreations, and he’s made it truly clear he’s not intrigued by playing along. All Brad’s keen on is achieving a commonly advantageous understanding over the care of the youngsters, and after that closure the marriage, time frame,” a source near the Moneyball star lets us know.


“Brad couldn’t think less about the cash side of thing. His solitary worry, all through this entire bad dream, has been and keeps on being, the welfare of his kids. Which is the reason he can see straight through Angelina’s most recent trick. Brad truly doesn’t know whether to feel irate, or to simply ignore everything, on the grounds that Angelina attempting to paint him as some sort of ‘bum father,’ our insider proceeds.

“Brad is glad to pay general and ‘important’ youngster bolster installments, he would LOVE to. The issue is, each and every time their lawyers have endeavored to hash out the terms for kid bolster, similarly as they’re going to achieve an understanding, Angelina has abruptly changed the goalpost. At that point it’s starting over from the beginning once more. Brad realizes that the judge will comprehend this since it’s unmistakable as glass, so he’s not worried in the scarcest. Brad’s simply going to keep on taking the high ground and stay concentrated on what matter — his children,” our source includes.


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