Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle Totally ‘In Love’ — Are They Headed To The White House Next?


Kimberly Guilfoyle’s adoration for Donald Trump Jr. isn’t ‘phony news,’ as these two are completely ‘infatuated’ with each other. Things being what they are, will they take this sentiment to the White House?

“They were absolutely open to being captured,” a source disclosed to Page Six, after Kimberly Guilfoyle, 49, was profiled in Metropolitan Magazine’s August/September issue. As a component of the piece, the previous Fox News identity and Donald Trump Jr., 40, were captured together. The shot, as indicated by the insider, “resembles an Oval Office shot. It’s relatively similar to you can envision doing likewise kind of thing in the Oval Office.”


All things considered, on one hand, they could simply have the photographs arranged at the White House, since Don Jr. is the namesake of President Donald Trump, 72. He has the associations. He likewise has the affections for Ms. Guilfoyle and the other way around. “You can simply tell she’s enamored with him, and he cherishes her, as well,” the insider reveals to Page Six. “He and Kimberly have an awesome individual science. They were kidding around with each other the entire time.”

One way that Kimberly jokes with her beau is with his pet name, as she purportedly calls him “Junior Mint.” While this could be a reference to his name and his financial balance (or perhaps she’s an aficionado of that scene of Seinfeld?) insiders tell the production that the name has nothing to do with Larry David or cash. “She said something like, ‘Wear, you’re so sweet,’ and after that sent a photo of Junior Mints,” an insider revealed to Page Six. In fact, mint as a flavor isn’t that sweet, yet the last time somebody condemned Kimberly’s “taste” in things, they utilized a “supremacist” analogy that advised her to pick better men.

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According to the amount they “love” each other, Kimberly’s superbly content with her pick. These two likewise started gossipy tidbits that they were getting hitched when she was seen with a colossal jewel on her finger. That ended up being a “mixed drink ring” that was very her center finger,  Considering that Donald’s crisp off his split from Vanessa Trump (with Omarosa Manigault guaranteeing Aubrey O’Day was sending “filthy writings” to him while he was as yet hitched) these two should need to draw the breaks on getting hitched.


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