Gorgeous Glitter Hand Designs – Our Top 10 Picks


Sparkle is something we young ladies are exceptionally partial to, isn’t that so? On account of Mehndi plans, a trace of sparkle is dependably a particular method to adorn our hands and feet. In this way, on the off chance that you who love one of a kind and most recent mehndi outlines, you will definitely love to add some sparkle to your mehndi configuration to make it adept for any extraordinary event like gathering or marriage, and even match it with your outfit. Try not to get befuddled or bothered. We have some extremely interesting plans for every one of you to attempt.

Amazing Glitter Designs To Try In 2018


1.This one is a straightforward mehndi outline which is ideal for the individuals who lean toward effortlessness. The plan here is motivated by the peacock and the brilliant sparkle is utilized to feature the excellence of the peacock. The brilliant, rust and silver sparkle makes a decent mix and the little plans on the fingers and fingertips likewise total the look.


2. For what reason should just blossoms and conventional themes be a piece of mehndi outline? All things considered, here is an incredible endeavor to depict the religious spots of love. The plan is done flawlessly with brilliant and red sparkle and dark mehndi is utilized to make the diagrams.


3. A full sparkle mehndi configuration might be a bit excessively courageous for a few, yet this outline of sparkle mehndi style is exceptionally calm and straightforward. The outlines are finished with dark mehndi. The examples are extremely noticeable and finely done. Green sparkle has been added to the leaves to feature them. Alternate outlines have been kept straightforward without including any sparkle.

glitter designs-3

4. This one is an excellent mehndi outline with pink sparkle used to feature certain regions of the plan. The focal example on the hands – the heart – has been filled in with sparkle alongside a few other little plans which likewise have been featured utilizing brilliant globules.


5. On the off chance that you are exhausted with repetitive shades of the standard mehandi designs on the hands, at that point have a go at doing this plan. The green and blue sparkles look perfect together. The sparkle features the generally basic outline highlighting botanical examples.


6. A feet mehndi is very uncommon all alone however this one looks significantly more exceptional. The leg mehndi utilizes red mehndi, and silver and blue sparkle to feature the outlines. The mermaid outline on the feet is likewise very one of a kind and certainly requires a unique specify.


7. This one is a vigorously done sparkle mehndi. The plan begins from the fingers. An assortment of lively hues have been utilized like red, orange, blue, purple, green and that’s just the beginning. The principle configuration is finished with dark mehndi. The botanical and paisley prints here look very customary, yet the sparkle totally changes the look.


8. Straightforward plans additionally look incredible when sparkle is utilized to feature them. Here we see an extremely straightforward flower and paisley outline with negligible complex points of interest. The diverse sparkle has been utilized to fill in particular segments of the outline. We cherish its straightforwardness. This outline looks extraordinary on any event without investigating the best.


9. This is a blue, glittery feet mehndi outline. The botanical example is trailed by a progression of paisley designs. The plan is situated corner to corner and blue sparkle is utilized to fill in parts of the outline.



10. This is a differentiating hued mehndi outline. The dim shading is utilized to make an appear differently in relation to the mehndi. The outline is featured with silver sparkle and little rhinestones are added to the plan. The plans here are basically theoretical and now and again additionally geometric.

So these were the best sparkle mehndi plans for hands and legs! We definitely guarantee to be back with significantly more soon.


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