Being a reasonable cleaned lady with heaps of spots, I generally ensure my skin with SPF moisturizers and cosmetics, but at the same time I’m been a major fanatic of collagen supplements to help keep my skin firm, delicate, energetic and sound.
At a certain point, I was taking NeoCell collagen bites each night. I truly delighted in them, yet for reasons unknown I quit obtaining them, so when Vital Proteins connected with an opportunity to attempt their new Collagen Beauty Greens, I seized the opportunity to return to my collagen schedule.
Before I get into the item, you might inquire,


Collagen makes up 70 percent of the protein in our skin and 30 percent of the protein in our entire bodies. In our 20s, levels of collagen start to decrease, prompting scarce differences and wrinkles, loss of dampness and a dull appearance (ain’t no one got time for that).

Studies show, and I can bear witness to, that when expended day by day, collagen plumps and firms skin, enhances dampness and smoothness, reestablishes characteristic flexibility and suppleness, keeps the indications of maturing, and healingly affects skin.

Within, collagen is a noteworthy building square of bones, joints and connective tissue, and shields against harm from extraordinary exercise (hi, Cross Fit and Running) and the worries of every day life. What’s more, collagen advances a sound insusceptible, stomach related, and focal sensory system, adds to an adjusted eating routine and looks after weight.6-Benefits-of-Collagen


Before sustenance was mass created and bundled, our predecessors ate all the eatable parts of creatures, including collagen-rich organs, skin, and greasy cuts of meat, and they utilized bones and other unappetizing parts to make recuperating juices and soups. While bone soup is a major pattern and is an incredible method to get in some collagen, we for the most part endeavor to eat lean, skinless, and boneless meat, poultry and angle and enjoy bundled and prepared nourishments, which give almost no collagen.

Well, I see,” you say, “so in what capacity can Vital Protein items help?

Gracious, I’m so happy you inquired!


Essential Proteins make collagen items that advance ideal sound, excellence, dynamic youth and general health. The greater part of their items are 100% common, entire nourishment proteins made utilizing eco-accommodating practices. Two of their most up to date items (Vital Proteins™ Marine Collagen and Vital Proteins™ Collagen Beauty Greens) contain marine collagen, produced using the sizes of crisp, wild-got snapper in the Pacific Ocean close Hawaii. The fish are reasonably gathered as per the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. Each part of collagen is completely tried to guarantee virtue. In view of its deliberately oversaw process, Vital Proteins’ marine collagen is essentially bland and unscented, so it blends effectively with any cool or hot fluid.Vital-proteins-gelatin-collagen

While I haven’t attempted the plain marine collagen, Vital Proteins did sent me a huge tub of their Collagen Beauty Greens, a nutritious mixture produced using a mix of marine collagen, crude natural greens, hyaluronic corrosive, and probiotics, with a characteristic vanilla coconut season produced using natural coconut water and the best Madagascar vanilla beans.

Each serving has 10g of protein, 7g carbs and 70 calories, however it likewise contains all these critical sounding things:

  • 9,375 mg collagen peptides for solid skin, hair and nails
  • 80 mg hyaluronic corrosive to advance collagen creation and skin hydration
  • 2B CFU spore probiotic bacillus coagulans — great gut microbes for a gleaming appearance
  • 9,375 mg natural crude greens to help general wellbeing and healthvital-proteins-smoothie

I’ve been having a little shake made essentially with water and a scoop of Collagen Beauty Greens after supper every night. It mixes well in a shaker bottle.

I can’t generally say I taste the coconut or the vanilla. It tastes more “green” to me, if that bodes well, however I wouldn’t fret that. It’s not too sweet, but rather the 10g of protein make it super filling. I’m trusting it will help limit my post-supper sweet tooth.

I’ve just observed a change in my skin, particularly in some uneven redness in my face, so I’m anticipating the outcomes as I keep on taking this little shake.



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