How To Wear Red Lipstick


Red lipstick is without a doubt the genuine article, and a red mope is the quintessential provocative look. This vital thing has been a staple in our cosmetics sacks since time immemorial. A swipe of it can right away glitz you up, and yes, it’s additionally generally complimenting. Indeed, even Rihanna and Taylor Swift can’t quit singing about red lips. In the event that you have confidence in the intensity of red lipstick, you should realize that the manner in which it looks on you thoroughly relies upon how you apply it.

This is our convenient manual for wearing red lipstick with absolute flawlessness and pulling it off like the supervisor that you are!

Tips And Tricks For Mastering The Red Lip

Before we start with our instructional exercise, here are a pack of things to remember to shake the ideal red sulk.

  • Finding your ideal red is the principal jump. Did you realize that the shading red is part into different tone classes? For example, genuine red, blue tone, and orange tone. Explore different avenues regarding distinctive shades to discover your mark red.
  • Next comes finding the complete and recipe you’re most alright with. You can pick between matte, polished, transparent, cream, and fluid lipstick.
  • Before you start, shed your lips with a lip scour or an old toothbrush for a smooth and immaculate application. This additionally draws out the life span of your lipstick.
  • Bear in mind to apply a supporting lip medicine or a preliminary to saturate your lips previously you set out to apply your lipstick.
  • In the event that you need to keep your lustrous lipstick from draining or feathering, utilize a lip pencil to line your lips previously application.
  • On the off chance that you are an apprentice, we suggest a shade like “Russian Red” by M.A.C. It’s privilege amidst warm and cool tones, making it the ideal red for each skin tone.

How To Wear Red Lipstick Perfectly

Here are the essentials that you need before you start applying your lipstick.

What You Need
  • Lip balm
  • Red lipstick
  • Lip liner pencil
  • Lip brush
  • Concealer
  • Face powder
  • Tissues

Step By Step Tutorial With Pictures

Step 1: Prep Your Lips


Apply a sustaining lip ointment, ideally before you begin doing your cosmetics, so it has enough time to get ingested into your skin. In the event that your lips are dry or dry, delicately shed them utilizing a wet wipe and buff away any dead skin.

Step 2: Blot Away The Lip Balm


Try not to run in with your lipstick straightforwardly subsequent to preparing your lips. Rather, utilize a tissue to blotch away the lip analgesic. Next, apply a light layer of powder on your lips with a brush to make a decent and dry canvas for your lipstick to hold fast to.

Apply lipstick before you apply your lip liner. Utilize a lip brush to truly work the equation into your lips.


Utilize a lip pencil in a shade that matches your red lipstick to characterize the edges and right any unevenness or asymmetry on the lips. You can likewise utilize the pencil to somewhat (yes, just marginally) overdraw the lips to influence them to look poutier and more full.

Professional Tip: Don’t utilize a lip liner that is essentially lighter than your lipstick except if you need to influence your lips to look littler. Likewise, don’t utilize one that is a considerable measure darker than your lipstick, except if you’re going for an ombre look (in which case, you should make sure to mix it out incredibly well).

Step 5: Blot Your Lips


Take one employ of tissue paper and press it against your lips to retain any overabundance oils and afterward reapply another light layer of your lipstick. This will twofold the wear time of your lipstick.

Step 6: Clean Up


Utilize a rakish brush with a smidgen of concealer on it to tidy up and hone the edges of your lips. You’re utilizing the brush like an eraser to accomplish a firm, clean edge. At long last, take a brush and dunk it in some face powder. Utilize it to powder the skin ideal along the edges of your lips.

This will help assimilate any abundance oils in the zone, keeping the lipstick from softening and dying.

Step 7: Check For Lipstick On Your Teeth


When wearing red lipstick, we commit the basic error of not checking for stains on our teeth. Ensure you complete a brisk look at before venturing.

What’s more, you’re good to go!


Women, in case you’re new to lipstick, don’t be hesitant to shake red since it’s a strong shading. Grasp the certainty that your red lipstick loans you! Red lipstick not just looks awesome with your little dark dress on a unique night out, however it likewise looks inconceivably cool with a couple of pants and an easygoing sweater on a Saturday evening.


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