Laura Lee ‘Profoundly Sorry’ For Racist Tweets But Feels She’s ‘Being Targeted’


YouTube star Laura Lee is in a ton of pain after fans uncovered some ‘uninformed’ supremacist tweets. Despite the fact that she’s apologized for what she stated, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned she has an inclination that she’s being dealt with unjustifiably!

Magnificence YouTube dramatization is in this way, so appalling. Laura Lee, 29, wound up under assault from Jeffree Star’s stans after they uncovered some old tweets where she put forth some supremacist expressions. She lost more than 200,000 supporters in seven days, shaking her reality the center. “Laura’s practically turning at the present time,” a source near Laura EXCLUSIVELY . “She doesn’t realize what to do, and sort of feels like she can’t do ideal for fouling up. Laura unquestionably feels like she’s being focused on, and that fundamentally, anything she does will be torn separated. In this way, she supposes it’s most likely best to simply endeavor to hold her set out down toward a while and trust things chill off and the subject of blows over soon.”


She feels really terrible for things that she’s said previously,” the source tells, before including that her announcements — she tweeted “tip for all dark individuals in the event that you pull ur pants up you can keep running from the police quicker.. #yourwelcome” in 2012, as indicated by the Washington Post — was “quite a while prior” when she was “a child and was insensible and dumb. In spite of the fact that she knows it’s a faltering reason – she was kidding around with companions, and she didn’t have any vindictive purpose – yet she understands now how what she composed in those days runs over and she’s really profoundly sad.”


“She knows it’s a feeble reason, yet it truly is an alternate time now,” the insider includes, “and she’s grown up a considerable measure from that point forward. She’s significantly more mindful of what she says and does now. Everything she can state is sad, and trust that she can demonstrate to her fans going ahead that she’s true in her expression of remorse.”

In this way, here’s the reason Laura Lee’s in the doghouse: stans of Jeffree Star, 32, followed Laura, Gabriel Zamora, Manny Mua and Nikita Dragun after Gabriel tweeted a photo of each of them four flipping off the camera, inscribing it, “Bitch is severe on the grounds that without him we’re improving the situation.” Star’s stans thought the subtweet was gone for Jeffree (who apologized in 2017 for his past bigot and disparaging articulations). Gabriel practically affirmed the trick, per Polygon, saying “envision stanning for a supremacist? I would never.”

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Indeed, that sent Star’s stans seeking, and what they found was telling. They found a tweet from Gabriel when he utilized the n-word. They tweeted out old screen captures of what they asserted were hostile tweets about kid mishandle made by Nikita (however they couldn’t be verified.) Manny apologized for a past fan experience that turned out badly, and fans discovered Laura Lee’s old bigot tweets. On Aug. 18, after his stans’ work was done, Jeffree tweeted a pompous picture of himself. “Envision endeavoring to spook me however you really end your own profession.”


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