how to make your breast perky.


Most of us know a brassiere can do to enhance cleavage. Do you know you may give yourself a breast lift with make-up? Consider it as the speedy and painless way to get boobs. As it was, with the breast implants in Hollywood today, this trick is widely used. It’s still used to make a woman seem like she breasts.

The best example of this breast enlargement method is actress Keira Knightley. As you can tell in the image under the left – although beautiful and totally female – she was not blessed with much in the breast area. From the 3 Pirates of the Caribbean films, Keira Knightley played with the buxom Elizabeth Swann, shown below at right.

                  Make your boobs perky

  1. You need a shade of powder and another shade of powder or some bronzer to begin.
  2. Safeguard the border of the shirt or dress by tucking into a toilet paper or a tissue.
  3. Apply the darker color in the area down the center of your chest, between your breasts.
  4. Blend the color outward and upward, making the curve and along a V form of the breast.
  5. Take a color of eyeshadow or powder, such as light or white gold, and place on the top 50% of your breasts.
  6. Do not utilize too much, and avoid powders which are too shimmery. Check in the mirror and see whether your breasts appear ample.
  7. If not, add more dark color in the middle to construct and deepen the color. When in doubt, go with less makeup enhancement as opposed to more.



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