I attempted a microblading pen for feathered eyebrows and this is what happened


Temples Artist Micro Tattoo 24hr Eyebrow Definer, L’Oréal Paris

Eyebrow inking has turned into a to a great degree prevalent treatment, offering a really perpetual answer for more full foreheads. The thin, hair-like strokes made by the tattoo weapon are so practical, there was interest for cosmetics items to create a similar impact: Enter ‘microblading pen.
Excellence BIO:
I have very dim eyebrows for a (phony) blonde, yet am honored with a touch of totality, experiencing for the most part meager condition toward the start of my foreheads. I more often than not utilize a tinted gel-wax item to tame them, similar to Glossier’s Boy Brow.

I totally love the look of microbladed temples. My companions with exceptionally scanty face designers have had theirs inked and they look like genuine temples, so I had high trusts in this item.

After opening it, I was helped right away to remember a felt-tip eyeliner in light of the fact that the material of the head is fundamentally the same as, the main contrast being the hook like shape.

I swatched it over my hand first in light of the fact that attempting another forehead item is frightening, and I was happy I did in light of the fact that it swatched waaaaay thicker than I thought. Turned out this was on account of I had it on an edge, though on the off chance that you need it thin and hair-like, you have to hold it totally upright so just the pointed edge contacts the skin.
I utilized the shade 109 Ebony and observed it to be a decent counterpart for my brunette temples. I started toward the beginning of my forehead, holding the mauled edge parallel to the base and imitated the encompassing hairs with an upward flick. This worked a flat out treat, making slim lines that filled in the meager spots practically.

For the tail of my temples, I turned the pen on its inclination and just worked it down toward my forehead’s end. I did it along these lines in light of the fact that my curve and tail don’t require as much filling, however I needed the shading to coordinate.


It kept going great for the duration of the day and the hair-like strokes didn’t smear or obscure which I thought was exceptionally amazing.


The impact of the microblading pen was exceptionally sensible and gave me the plume like fill that I cherish toward the start of my forehead. It’s a comparative impact to a thin or sharp pencil, yet I trust the backbone of the pen is better. The main drawback of this item is the felt material can possibly limit and not hold its sharpness, so do whatever it takes not to push down on it too hard and dependably set the cover back on appropriately to avoid it drying out.

Here are our other untouched most loved eyebrow items:


Curve Brow Sculpting Pencil, Hourglass

The inclined tip of this pencil is perfect for making hair-like strokes, especially in case you’re inadequate with regards to totality at the front or last part of your temples. On the off chance that the cost is putting you off, be rest guaranteed it goes on for a very long time.CS-BROW-BUILD_Open

Forehead Build, Blink

Folds over forehead hairs, thickening them while giving an unobtrusive tint and brushing them into shape in the meantime.


Kid Brow, Glossier

We can’t think about any item – foreheads or something else – that has turned into a clique exemplary snappier than this terrible kid. At the point when it’s so natural to utilize, so sensibly estimated, and makes such consummately un-done foreheads, we can perceive any reason why. A cosmetics pack staple.



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