The 10 “Deadly Attractions” Can Murder Romance


“Deadly attractions” are characteristics that draw in you first and foremost yet go bad after some time. One day you investigate the sentiment and discover it’s your aggravation, not a bunny on a stove, that is bubbling over. You end the relationship not long after. Knowing these “lethal attractions” can offer a manual for long haul accomplishment in a relationship.

Search for substantive characteristics on the off chance that you need in excess of an excursion. Picking an accomplice exclusively on the grounds that they are energizing, extraordinary, and fun can spell fate for a long haul relationship on the off chance that you aren’t centered around comparable qualities and passionate associations too.

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Diane Felmlee reviewed three hundred undergrads and distinguished 10 “deadly attractions”. The understudies said their connections essentially declined in time when accomplices were decided for characteristics of energy or contrast. The understudies said accomplices who at first appeared to be energizing and outlandish could end up being excessively extraordinary and disparate for an extensive sentiment.

Connections likewise endured in the end when accomplices were chosen since they are fun, accommodating. The fun person may likewise end up being undependable, senseless, and juvenile. The interest wore off when the accomplice wound up exhausting or undependable, as well. Equipped and physically alluring accomplices could end up being heartless, narrow minded, and vain after some time. The minding accomplices may wind up being unreliable, possessive, and envious.


Connections appeared to remain positive over the long haul when accomplices were picked for qualities, for example, physical allure, mindful, receptiveness, and steadfastness.

The studied understudies said the characteristics that ended up being most unappealing and undermining to a relationship were accomplices who were relentless, unreliable, and undependable. Indeed, even with regards to the enthusiastic association, sentimental connections are as yet social trades. A long haul association with an accomplice who carries on along these lines is probably going to be less fulfilling and excessively difficult. He’s presumably more averse to address your issues.

Here’s the rundown of 10 attributes that can upgrade your sentiment:

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  • Physical: Attractive, hot, decent eyes, grin.
  • Fun: Sociable and great comical inclination.
  • Minding: Nice and mindful.
  • Capable: Confident, clever, yearning.
  • Comparable: Shared interests and qualities.
  • Energizing: Spontaneous and courageous.
  • Open: Friendly and responsive.
  • Reliable: Trustworthiness and genuineness.
  • Accommodating: Patient and laid back.
  • Other: Vague traits like pleasant identity.

The inverse and deadly attributes that are unappealing and relationship-finishing are:

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  • Heartless: Selfishness, lack of care, and pretentious. Inverse: Caring.
  • Shaky: Possessive and unintelligent. Inverse: Competent.
  • Undependable: Dishonesty, youthfulness, and flightiness. Inverse: Dependable.
  • Physical: Unattractive and unappealing physical highlights.
  • Contrasts. Unique interests and qualities. Inverse: Similar.
  • Shut: Unperceptive and disagreeable. Inverse: Open.
  • Surly: Impatient and tense. Inverse: Easy-going.
  • Exhausting: Habitual and unsurprising. Inverse: Exciting.
  • Genuine: Humorless and unsocial. Inverse: Fun.
  • Other


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