The Secrets Behind Coolest Employees’ Wardrobes


On the off chance that you exit Mornington Crescent station amongst Mondays and Fridays, you will join a parade of several London’s most daring dressers. You can take after the trail of paint box– hued mentors, conflicting prints and Insta-goad adornments straight over the street . This month on Who What Wear UK, we are commending intense and overcome style, so where preferable to comprehend this mindset over in an office where this is for all intents and purposes the official clothing regulation?

After I burned through five minutes holding up, it rapidly ended up clear this is an office where individuals extremely spruce up for work. At 10:30 a.m. on a Thursday morning, I spied Clueless-esque product tops, panther print tights, rainbow sequins and glittery orange eye shadow going through the security boundaries. I met nine individuals from the 4200-part group from crosswise over various offices and requesting that they wear an outfit that speaks to how they dress for function each day. From zebra prints combined with florals to colorful interwoven pants, these nine outfits all test our concept of workwear. Continue looking to perceive how they dress at a standout amongst the most jazzy workplaces in London.

Felicia Pennant, deputy features editor



Felicia takes a shot at the magazine group, where she does meetings, highlights and pattern pieces. This dress-and-boots combo is her workwear uniform, as she clarifies: “I wear pads, right off the bat—generally Doc Martens—and some sort of midi creased skirt or midi dress with a characterized midriff. It’s constantly midi, and for the most part in dark or a dim shading. I additionally don blue, yet that is all the more a football thing since I’m a major Chelsea fan, so I will wear ‘Chelsea Blue’. It’s extremely unsafe working here; I have never purchased such a great amount in my life. I am excited about studs and gems, and with my hair, I can escape with huge hoops, so I generally do that. I am a greater amount of an adornments individual, and am tied in with purchasing exemplary pieces and after that taking advantage of patterns with fun extras.”

Dominique Reiman and Lauren Reiman, shoot assistants, model studio


Indistinguishable twins Lauren and Dominique don’t just share a closet—they additionally share precisely the same. The twins are both shoot partners in the model studio, where they make item pictures for the site. “We shoot around 60 items per day,” clarifies Dominique. “We have around four minutes to shoot every item, and that incorporates video also, so it’s quick paced. We are very casual and easygoing at work since we need to complete a great deal of running about, so we wear a considerable measure of coaches, jumpsuits, Converses, sliders and slouchy loose garments.”


“We share the greater part of our garments, and it makes it simple. In the event that something looks great on Dom, it will look great on me,” says Lauren. “It just means we come up short on garments a great deal snappier on the grounds that we think, I’ve seen that on her a million times. We both select what we like and afterward Dom attempts on everything; she’s dependably been our assigned ‘attempt er on-er.’ We basically base what we purchase around our work closet, and in the event that we won’t wear it to work, at that point there’s no point getting it.”



Sara Brown, assistant designer, tailoring


Sara is a creator in the fitting office, making the overcoats, pants, skirts, shorts and a considerable lot of the co-ords .  I have constantly adored shading, yet it’s solitary turned out to be increasingly essential to me. Presently I purchase everything brilliant—if conceivable—and will just don dark as something to wear with splendid hues,” she says. For this season, Sara is cherishing rainbow prints and rich hues like buttermilk and ’70s-roused sage green. Why? Since she supposes they generally look extravagant.



Ele Pucci, pattern room intern


Ele is a year understudy working in the example room, perceiving how the creators’ works are enlivened. This is her ordinary work look, as she clarifies: “I wear a considerable measure of trademark T-shirts, pants and shoes with a smaller than normal foot sole area. Some portion of being in the example room is that they urge you to make your own things, and as fitting is the hardest to get right, I made this coat as a major aspect of my entry level position. “I wear a great deal of shading, thus will dependably, dependably have on something splendid—particularly in the late spring. I’ve likewise got heaps of stripey T-shirts, so those are my staples.”



Holly Hope Harper, beauty PR manager


Holly is the Face and Body PR manager, so it’s the beauty section that she spends the most of her time on. “Normally, I wear a pair of jeans, Stan Smiths and a black T-shirt—unless I have a meeting, in which I’d wear something similar to what I’m wearing today:White dress, some chunky, fun heels and lipstick. I like makeup to be an accent—whether it’s a blue eye shadow or an orange lip.



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